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Be Extra Apparel & More and Sustainable Fashion

Here, at Be Extra Apparel & More we care about the environment, reducing pollution and the ways our products are made. 

80% of our products are manufactured on demand. This means that products are fulfilled only when the order is placed by the customer, eliminating overproduction and waste of unwanted products. It’s truly sad that the fashion industry has become one of the most polluting. Making each item on demand helps us to lower production of the inventory, and to make sure each item is desired by the customer. 

In addition, we fulfill our products locally, which creates low shipping times, and helps to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Be Extra Apparel & More now has a number of organic and eco-friendly items. For each item we test samples and pick the best ones for our customers. We currently work with suppliers that use solar energy, limit water waste and recycle waste responsibly. 

Be Extra Apparel & More uses the newest technologies in printing, most of our products are made with DTG printing using Kornit printers. Kornit printers produce almost zero wastewater and use less energy. In fact, DTG printing is more sustainable than screen printing, which uses a lot of water and plastisol inks that don’t biodegrade. In fact, screen printing requires bulk orders that normally leads to overproduction. 

We are proud to say that the biodegradable, vegan NeoPigment inks used for our garments are water-based, toxin-free and non-hazardous. 

In our offices and fulfillment centers we recycle paper, plastic, cardboard and batteries, and use energy-efficient lights and equipment that helps us to save energy.

Our planet is our responsibility. Caring about waste, pollution, resources and production is a part of our philosophy. Stay Extra responsibly for our planet, friends! 

Much Love, Be Extra Apparel & More. 

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