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Be Extra! Sundays - New Weekly Livestream Show on Farris Wheel TV

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April, 2021 - Farris Wheel Recordings launches it’s own channel on popular streaming platform.

Twitch became extremely popular between electronic dance music artists and their fans during the pandemic of 2020. It became an ultimate platform  for  DJs, producers, singers and all types of musicians, where they're able to connect with their fans during the lock-down in real time online. 

While having his own weekly Carnival on Dirtybird, Gene Farris establishes a separate channel - Farris Wheel TV - giving the artists an opportunity to demonstrate their skills, connect with the fans and gain new followers at the multiple shows hosted by Chicago DJ’s/producers like Ron Carrol, Blu9, Steve Gerard, Carmen Florentino, Karsten Sollors and others. 

No doubt, California has a great number of uniquely talented artists, people who have incredible passion for music production, so many West Coast DJs have grown their music preferences based on classic Chicago House, and quite excited to be a part of this project. So far, Be Extra! Sundays had a pleasure to have artists like DJIDeaL, Cris Herrera, Joe Pea, Paul Najera, Matthew Brian, Memo Rex, Shuski, Bondar, Jesusdapnk, Mr Wright, Dj Ozil, JP Richardson, Amy Unland, Nik Thrine and Terry Jasinto. 

Now when events are coming back, you will be able to join the live Be Extra! Sundays events in San Diego or Los Angeles area. There is nothing more exciting than to be able to dance together again! 

Please, follow Be Extra! Sundays on Facebook for event details and updates.

Subscribe to Be Extra! Sundays on YouTube and watch show replays.

And, of course, we are always happy to see you in chat every Sunday at  2pm PST/4 pm CST on Farris Wheel TV

We are looking forward to this summer event season 


Much love, and Be Extra! 



P.S  If you would like to perform at the show, please, send your information and press-kit to   with a subject line Be Extra! Sundays on Twitch

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