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Why Do We Love Streetwear

It’s hard to imagine today’s wardrobe without comfortable streetwear. Born in New York in the mid 70’s and 80’s, this style of clothes combines the elements of NYC hip-hop culture and CA surf and skate cultures: hoodies, t-shirts, snapback hats are the most favorite items of streetwear style.

Often, streetwear has unique designs, bright prints and unique elements, and is worn with sneakers or boots to complete the look. 

Comfort is essential and that’s why streetwear gains more and more customers around the world. For some of us street wear is a part of the lifestyle, for others - a way to make a statement. 

Streetwear is gender neutral and is loved by people of all races and ethnicities. Loyalty and comfort for anyone and anywhere in the world. Some garments associated with the look are oversized sweatshirts and shirts, jackets, windbreakers, track pants, joggers, baseball hats, sneakers, jeans, and beanies. 

Don’t be afraid to wear graphic t-shirts, bright prints or tye-dye clothes, these types of garments will add unique and fresh touch to your look. Not a secret that the clothes that u feel comfortable in helps to boost the confidence and self-esteem. 

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