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Wrapping up 2022. Words of Wisdom from Mr Wright

Mr Wright, San Diego based DJ/ Producer is sharing some tips for the successful 2023. 

Alright folks, it's my yearly words of wisdom for my aspiring DJs and promoters (and any other movers and shakers for that matter). They say time is money so map out and manage your time for 2023! Go get yourself a year at a glance calendar and start planning your March, April, and May of 2023. This year is effectively over!

A few words of advice:

1.) Don't try to throw a last-minute NYE or NYD party. I assure you any entity doing that worth their salt has been planning and investing since at least June so don't play yourself.

2.) Don't try to book a big-name talent last minute either, it'll surely end in significant loss of funds for you.

3.) Do look at your newly purchased year at a glance planner or app and start putting down potential opportunities that you can attack in the next 4 months, January-April.

4.) Do approach venues in Jan - Feb and try a one-off party to see if your proof of concept party or event has potential.

5.) Do be on the lookout for Bars looking for last minute NYE DJs... and get paid out the frame ($200 - $500 or more depending on your skill and if you have a sound system)

Let 2023 be the year you up and comers utilize some Stra-ge-dy (like Bugs Bunny says)! Be proactive and not reactive.
*steps off soapbox*


by  Mr Wright 

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